Nina and Thomas were married in Thomas’ family’s backyard. A backyard wedding! How often does that happen? Not very. It was beautiful. The colors were vibrant. There was a huge tent to shelter all the guests from the Florida summer heat! The wedding was a two day affair, which is normal for Indian weddings which are usually 2-3 days long. I am so happy they allowed me to be apart of the big wedding day. Nina’s hands were painted with henna and she explained that the darker the henna the better. I loved learning so much about Indian weddings, and hope to do many more.


  • Krishna

    Beautiful! Awesome job Catherine!!!

Emily and Aaron planned their destination wedding at the Wetherall Gallery on 30A. It is such an intimate setting, small weddings is what the owner, Heather, specializes in. The ceremony was on the beach, and at a perfect time. Then everyone walked back to the gallery to sit down for dinner. Aaron plays in a band, and his fellow band mates came down for the shindig and made it a fun atmosphere all evening! What a night!