Abby & Hudson celebrate 3 years [sneak peek]

Abby & Hudson aren’t twins, but were born within a week of each other. Since their birthdays were so close, and they have all the same friends, their mothers decided to celebrate their birthdays together. You might recognize these cuties from last week’s Preppy Little Dress Shoot. The event was held at the Black’s Horse & Ponies Farm. Below are a couple shots of the birthday girl & boy! I am surprised that Hudson’s parents didn’t buy the horse he rode all afternoon. He stopped for enough time to blow out his candles, & eat one bite. The next is of Abby showing off her cowboy outfit (Stacy I have the same photos in B&W as requested, they will of course be on the client proofing site). I am also posting the cutest birthday cake I have seen in my life.

Ashley will be posting a sneak peek of the Tilles family shortly, plus we still have the final post for The Preppy Little Dress shoot, the final post for this adorable birthday party, and a few more. Stay tuned!