Ashley and Mike Tie the Knot | Tallahassee Wedding Photographer

Ashley & Mike met while attending UWF in Pensacola. All I know is there was vacuuming, tripping & an invitation to Mike’s party involved.

Their engagement story was very cute! Mike had always told Ashley he would buy her a ring once he found “the boat”. So one day he got a brochure for “the boat”, and wrote, “Will you marry me?” in it. He showed her the brochure & she initially didn’t notice he had written anything. Once she did of course she said YES!

It was quite a joy to finally see all of Ashley’s planning & hard work come together. Wish you all the best & enjoy your cruise!!

  • Billie Brock said:

    See you on FB. You take WONDERFUL photos, with lots of creative ingenuity. I got your website off Clay Keels website and decided to check you out, glad I did. LOVE looking at your photos, even if I don't need your services right now. Sometimes it is just a nice stress reducer to look at cool, happy photos. = D

  • admin said:

    Thank you Billie!! We are happy you enjoy the photos, that is what they are here for. Come back often :)