Blane and Chris get married | Santa Rosa Beach Wedding Photographer

Where do I start with these two? Before their wedding I had never met this couple in person. They live in Atlanta and planned their panhandle beach wedding all the way from up there. I spoke to Chris by email and finally spoke to Blane by phone before the wedding once. I knew from the conversation that she was going to be a fun bride.

Once at the Highlands House, where the ceremony and reception took place, I met Blane and her awesome maid of honor, Rachel, while Blane was getting ready. I would say she was not stressed, but that would make me a liar. Then when I finally met Chris he was anti-stressed, which means they balanced each other out. After the first look Blane expressed how happy she was to get the first time seeing each other out of the way, because Chris helped calm her down!!! That is part of the reason I encourage first looks.

It was a joy to watch everything unfold, the stories, the dancing, and everything that came with it. Have fun in Argentina on your honeymoon!

Venue: A Highlands House
DJ: Vaughn Vanamburg-

The first look: Blane got a bit emotional.

Look at Chris’ face!!! Love it!

Blane, you are beautiful

Blane said her vows with such conviction. She stopped and truly processed every word she was saying, it was powerful.

They were so animated, and had a big smile or laughed most of the time!

A moment between Blane, and her maid of honor, Rachel. She came all the way from Sweden for the wedding. These two are like sisters and they have only been apart of each other’s live’s for five years. Mostly in different cities/countries.

She had the funnest faces!

The kids dancing

I’d like to thank my second shooter Julie for helping me with this wedding!