Erin and Ryan get Married | Gainesville Wedding Photographer

Erin and Ryan are devoted Florida Gators. Their wedding colors were… you guessed it, Orange and Blue. These die hard Gators met while living in Texas, they actually met at their local alumni association in Dallas. We met the pair at their engagement session last December. We quickly learned Erin was teaching Ryan how to be fun! Ryan is an engineer, so he is a little more practical, while Erin likes to sing, laugh, and talk. He actually admitted that on the wedding day. We absolutely enjoyed working with this Orange & Blue pair, so enjoy seeing their wedding day!

There was A LOT of laughing throughout the reception

There is a story that goes with this image. The ladies of Erin’s family are known as the Sharks, because when their brother brought home is wife (then girlfriend) he told her he was feeding her to the sharks, aka his sisters. So the Sharks serenaded & danced to initiate Ryan into the family.

Erin loves karaoke, so Ryan started the fun off by singing to Erin

And Erin sang back with some back up dancers

These guys decided it would be funny to sing a little Karaoke to their girlfriends… apparently they lost that loving feeling, and now it’s gone

Because the ceremony was in the afternoon & the festivities were over by the early evening Erin opted to have their portraits done after everyone left