Jackie and Garrett Engaged! Amelia Island Wedding Photographer

These two have been apart for quite some time. Garrett living in Jacksonville working as a helicopter pilot in the Navy while Jackie has been at Auburn. She finally found an opportunity in Jacksonville and will be completing the move in a couple weeks to Florida! It was tricky planning this shoot since Garrett will be leaving before the wedding (and coming back for the big day), and currently they only see each other on some weekends. So we had to plan accordingly. I am so happy it worked out when it did because the afternoon was glorious!

Jackie had given herself homework and the two of them went out on the Friday before the session to scout out some great spots. And boy did she!!! These two are beyond cute together. By the end of the session these two were like seasoned pros in front of the camera. Looking through these images to pick out some for the blog entry I could see the way Garrett looks at her, and it was just so heart warming.

I don’t know if I love Duke more because he is a Boxer, or because he is cute with his little bow tie… either way, I heart him!

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