Janie & Josh’s Wedding | Tallahassee Wedding Photographers

Janie and Josh were married up at Bradley’s Pond on a very cold Saturday afternoon. Quick deviation from the blog entry: I am not going to lie, every time I hear or say Bradley’s Pond I think of Bradley’s Sausage from the little country store across the street from the event place. OK, I will not deviate from the blog entry again (on this one)! The cold didn’t stop the attendees from having a lot of fun at the reception that followed.

Janie & Josh took everything so easily. We had only met twice, the first time at the initial consultation and again at the final consult. Normally I save the getting to know the couple talk for the engagement session where I really get to know the couple’s story, but since they didn’t have an engagement session I learned a little during our consultations, but a lot at the wedding. Janie & Josh have definitely had some struggles in their lives before meeting each other, both happening to have gone through the similar losses at different times in their lives. During the toast the maid of honor/sister of the bride, Molly, read entries from the first date to the proposal from Janie’s blog/journal. It was so emotional (and funny) at times, but Josh really is the right person for her, and it became so evident while she was reading the entries.

Janie & Josh, I am so honored I was able to meet the two of you & photograph your day. Thank you for trusting us! Have a wonderful honeymoon in Destin!
Pieces of this veil belonged to Josh’s mother. It was so special that Janie made it apart of their day.

Josh’s first glance at Janie as she walked down the aisle.

wJanieJosh_Wed-21There was a really special part about this preacher, his first marriage that he EVER performed was for Josh’s parents! Can you believe that?