Jenny + Lee’s Wedding | Santa Rosa Beach Wedding Photographer

Jenny and Lee have one of those heartwarming stories; the kind that just makes you smile. See, they have known each other for a very long time, but only as friends. They grew up together in Panama City, Florida, and after high school they went their own ways but remained friends over the years. Then one day a few years ago they decided to take that next step and they started dating.

During our final consultation, Jenny recounted how the proposal went. I must admit, Jenny had me laughing. Not because the proposal was necessarily a funny story, but rather it was comical because although the circumstances may change, the story never does. Lee had everything set up and needed to get Jenny outside for the big moment. He was nervous and asked Jenny to go for a walk. But, of course, Jenny didn’t want to go for a walk that day. Irony at its best! Normally Jenny would have loved to have gone for a walk, but the day she “needed” to go, she just wasn’t in the mood. Lee eventually convinced her to go outside with him and he popped the question in a way that was personal and perfect for the two of them. And the best part was that Jenny had absolutely no idea it was coming! Normally, women have some idea that a proposal is coming – call it a sixth sense if you will. But Jenny was completely caught off guard. And to add to the moment, Lee had his grandmother’s beautiful diamond reset, making Jenny’s ring truly special.

We had a wonderful time at your wedding and wish you all the happiness in the world.