Jenny & Matt get married! | Tallahassee Wedding Photographer

I have to admit there is something special about a girl who rarely wears makeup, Jenny is one of those girls. If you look back at our engagement session with the couple you can see the day Jenny bought her first tube of lip gloss! These two have a special place in my heart, from the moment we met them at Starbucks for their consultation to our engagement session to the wedding day, I’ve seen how they interact and how very perfect they are for each other. I’ve learned along the way that their relationship wasn’t really advertised until they were close to getting engaged, or so I’ve been told by people they used to work with, friends, and at the wedding Matt’s brother recounted a funny story about meeting Jenny for the first time.

The entire wedding party was what wedding parties are supposed to be. The girls had their jobs/specialties when it came to helping out Jenny. One of them was even 7 months pregnant and she was so helpful. The ladies wore seersucker!!! And the boys were also a load of fun to be around, and were very comfortable in front of the camera.

One thing these two did that I absolutely LOVE is a first look. Jenny told me she was happy they opted for a first look, because she was going to be able to enjoy the ceremony without being nervous.

The reception was a blast! I have to admit when I am not photographing a wedding I am the first on the dance floor, no matter the time of day, or what I look like. On my wedding day my one request to my DJ, Greg Tish (GT Entertainment), was that he could play whatever he wanted as long as it kept me dancing, which he accomplished. Greg was the DJ at this wedding, and he knows how to make a dancer at heart want to get up & move. Of course while I’m working I RESIST the giant urge to get out on the dance floor to shake my tush. But I find myself on occasion shaking a leg or singing just soft enough not be be heard. This reception was absolutely no exception, and I probably had more of an urge than ever!

Jenny & Matt, it was a magical night & I hope the honeymoon is just as amazing as your wedding day! Thank you for letting us be apart of your beautiful day.

The beautiful Goodwood reception hall.

Matt tying his tie, attempt #1, #2, & #3… lost count, but did I ever tell you I am a professional at tying full windsor knots? A skill I picked up in High School, that I perfected through the years. I should add that to my resume! I finally stepped in and tied Matt’s tie, but I do not help unless it looks like it just is not going to get done any other way.

Make up by the talented Randi Buchanan

Introducing Jenny!

Florals by Designs by Darin

First look time! We didn’t hear a thing they were saying, we were pretty far back, but there was laughter!

Matt’s face as Jenny walks down the aisle!

Jenny & her dad high-fived as she walked back up the aisle.
Mr. & Mrs.!!!

Vendors not mentioned above:

Caterer was Catering Capers

Bar provided by On the Rocks

Rentals provided by In Tent Events

Cake was mastered by the Cake Shoppe

  • Molly said:

    Thanks Ladies! You definitely captured the spirit of the day....and added to the fun!

  • admin said:

    Thank you Molly! They are an awesome couple!

  • Lauren said:

    Awesome awesome work Catherine! Beautiful church shots there! Every photographers dream ;)

  • cobi dorn said:

    beautiful shots-the colors, textures, composition-all stunning! thanks for the inspiration! : )

  • Diana Daley said:

    Ohhhh myyyy, I completely adore that portrait through the trees.

  • admin said:

    Thank you ladies, Diana, Cobi & Lauren!