John + Cassie Engagement [Tallahassee, FL]

John used to play football for Florida State, so we headed out to FSU’s campus to shoot their engagement pictures. Let me just say that couples who bring fun props hold a special place in my heart, and couples that wear cool colors are awesome! These two had both: sunglasses, a football, and Cassie’s bright pink dress made this shoot so much fun. We started out at Ruby Diamond and then headed to the football field. Unfortunately, if you live in Florida you understand how flaky the weather can be. The day of John and Cassie’s engagement session proved that point. It was sprinkling, but Cassie was willing to let her hair frizz a bit to have some fun. Just as we thought the planets were aligning to give us that golden hour, the sky opened up and decided that would not be the case. Although, rain can ruin some things, it definitely did not ruin John and Cassie’s engagement session. Thanks guys for being such great sports!

we found some nice puddles to play in!


Then we headed over to the stadium where we had fun until the rain came back.JohnCassieEngagement2








  • my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with