Karen + Patrick’s Wedding | Dothan Wedding Photography

I cannot gush enough about Karen & Patrick’s ceremony/reception site, Maria’s Vineyard in Dothan, AL. Driving past it I wouldn’t have thought anything about it. When it was time to turn, my first thought was, “This is it?”, I had been warned. From the front it is in an area with residences and a lot of acres per home on a two lane road in Dothan. The only thing welcoming you is an empty, unused carriage out front. There is plenty of parking on the side. And the second I walked behind the location it was photography love at first site. My only wish was that it was spring. I can only imagine Maria’s Vineyard in the spring, the grape vines green & purple with its fruit, the green grass, and the lovely juniper trees (which were green). I cannot encourage this location enough if you are planning something in Dothan. The weather was definitely fireplace worthy with Maria’s Vineyard supplied. The location was very modern rustic/shabby chic which is very trendy right now in weddings. Just a ton of awesome nooks to take beautiful photos, but since Patrick & Karen did not see each other before the ceremony time was limited to take intimate, artistic photos of couple. So as much as I had 5 million locations picked out we could only use two before we were summoned back to the reception. I guess a girl will have to dream until the next time Maria’s Vineyard calls my name… Patrick and Karen, it was a very fun night filled with wonderful guests!




Champagne waiting to be served



Karen about to walk down the aisle with her father


Beautiful ceremony


The first time walking hand in hand as husband & wife


It was COLD, but luckily my lovely assistant had a light colored jacket that looked pretty cute on Karen.






Patrick’s look during the toasts was very sweet.