Katie and Patrick Rosemary Beach Wedding Photographer

This couple of course is really near and dear to my heart, Patrick is my cousin, so this wedding was family. The minute Katie got engaged I might have been her first contact, before the venue was booked, right after the ring was on her finger we were talking. She told me that she wanted me to photograph their wedding, and she had known that for a long time. So of course when someone says that, you can’t say no! I was honored to be there capturing their nuptials.

Katie and Pat have been dating for many many years. I remember hearing about this blonde that Pat was dating. I remembered thinking, Patrick is old enough to date? No way!! Well he was, and little did any of us know (he may have known back then) that this girl would be apart of the family one day. Katie fits in so well with us. She told me the day my grandmother died, two years ago, she knew when she got married to Pat they would have to have a big bash and this insanely large (and very crazy) family would have to get back together again over happier circumstances. I know my Nana was smiling down on them, because the weather was gorgeous. She was always the first to welcome people into her home, dinner table and family, and what a welcome she gave Katie. Loads of fun, singing, dancing, and drinking, you would have thought she had planned the reception with those ingredients! Now if only she was still alive she probably would have told them since she had a talk with God about making the day perfect they had to give her some great grandchildren, the one thing she loved more than wine, Ireland, & Panama. Pressures on kids, that’s the Husum way!

The pair had their honeymoon in Antigua, and just returned a couple days ago, I hope this is a wonderful welcome home. 😉