Kristen and Nick Engaged! Panama City Wedding Photographers

Kristen and Nick for been friends for a while, then one day Nick took Kristen out on a first date… to the same location we did the engagement. They had fun on his grandfather’s land riding on his gator (think golf cart gives birth to a John Deere tractor if you don’t know what it is), watching the sunset, hanging out. It was perfect for the two of them. This is where Nick’s family gathers for Thanksgiving dinner, and the boys hunt all over the land here.

Kristen and Nick took me to a few parts of the property, and I CANNOT wait to do Kristen’s bridal session here because there is so much more I want to use on the property!

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  • Miss Lana said:

    You guys need to be models!!!

    So, you say I can sing at your wedding in my opera voice?


  • Miss Lana said:

    PS...Your photographer is very good...I should know, having been married to a photographer for so long.

    Do you have another place on the web where her pictures could be seen...not necessarily her wedding pics...maybe nature or the Gulf?

    She's excellent.