Lettie and Matt get Married!!! | Macon Wedding Photographers

Lettie and Matt were married at the Macon downtown Armory. In Tallahassee the Armory is just a big banquet hall but in Macon it is a beautifully restored hall. It has an old feel, but has been updated for events such as weddings. They have a wonderful room right off of the hall for brides to get ready, and it is within walking distance of about five churches in the Macon downtown area. One of them being the church that Lettie and Matt tied the knot in.

I met Lettie through a college friend, Julie, who has since started her own photography business. Lettie was one of Julie’s first friends when she moved from Tallahassee up to Atlanta. I was so excited to meet Lettie and Matt during our engagement session together. They drove down with Lettie’s mom for the day, and I am so happy they did. We had a lot of fun walking around Railroad Square that afternoon. Throughout the months I’ve communicated back and forth with Lettie and her parents. One thing I can say is that Lettie has a tremendous parents and Matt is a perfect addition to the family.

This is thanks to Jessica Messer, Rebekah photographed a wedding with her in the Mobile area a few weeks back and did something similar.

Not only did I use some different lighting for this one, but I’m also experimenting with some new textures

  • Tamara Smith said:

    Gorgeous, as always ladies!

  • Alma Webb said:

    All these are so beautiful!! The night picture of the happy couple is so unique. I love it! It was a lovely wedding and a great reception!

  • admin said:

    Yes, the night photo was a lot of fun to do. Thank you Tamara & Alma!