Lindsay & Leigh Double Session Part 1 | Tallahassee Wedding Photographers

So when Lindsay first contacted us for this double session, we figured why not… after a few hours of photography we were beat!  But considering the place we got to photograph and the people, they were all fun, we didn’t mind.  It was also the third day in a row we had been at Goodwood, but we love photographing there, we always find new places to shoot!  Its like a never ending surprise! Since Lindsay was the one that put this all together we are going to feature her first.  We started with a bridal session then brought the boys in.  Lindsay and Tommy were so much fun! They love to smile and have a good time, it was infectious… They were the last ones out of the two couples to get married and the wedding took place at the Panama City Country Club. They didn’t know about us at that time, but they sure do now!

They then got into plain clothes… I loved Lindsay’s dress!!

We also got a picture of their rings… Lindsay & Tommy’s photographer didn’t get it and Lindsay really wanted it! And you know how I’m a sucker for anything Asscher or Emerald cut!

And not a sneak peek of what’s to come later in the week! Leigh! Along with a picture of a little friend who paid us a visit during our shoot, isn’t it beautiful!