Maggie and Will get Married | Moultrie/Thomasville Wedding Photographer

Thomasville is such a beautiful setting for a gorgeous wedding, there is absolutely no lack in charm. The couple were married in a church that was built in the 1800s, it was stunning! After the ceremony everyone packed into vehicles for the reception slightly north in Moultrie, GA, at Sundown Farms. What a beautiful venue. There was just enough time for the first dance, father daughter dance & the mother son dance before everything was moved inside (because of the rain). The cotton fields were AWESOME!!! Loved taking photos of the pair there.

In addition to the natural beauty Sundown Farms, Moultrie, and Thomasville offered there were a lot of familiar faces at the wedding. Maggie & Will started dating in 9th grade at Lincoln High School in Tallahassee. Rebekah and I both went to Lincoln our senior year of high school, so we saw a lot of people we had not seen since high school plus a few we’ve since in the years since. We should have expected it considering we knew Maggie & Will had met there, but honestly it was a pleasant surprise!

Ceremony: First United Methodist Church, Thomasville, GA
Reception: Sundown Farms Plantation
Caterer: Carrie Ann & Company
Coordinator: Gwen Turner
Florist: Missy Gunnels

The First United Methodist Church in Thomasville

Missy Gunnels always does a beautiful job on the flowers & look at those blue shoes!!!

New favorite place to take photos: Cotton Field!

Maggie’s parents enjoying themselves

What reception is complete without “The Sprinkler” performed by the bride?

And our most requested photo is now the “Sparklers with Love”

  • Jami Eddy said:

    The pictures turned out great! You guys did a wonderful job. Can't wait to see the rest.

  • Natasha said:

    Wow. I'm getting more and more excited. Not only is this our venue, but it's also the church in which we'll be getting married! The wedding is beautiful, and I hope I look half as nice as this bride on the dance floor.

  • Lauren said:

    AHH!! The ones in the cotton field are STUNNING. Lovely work y'all! :D

  • Shelby said:

    I can't wait to see the rest of their wedding pictures. You did a fabulous job...and put up with us all!!

  • admin said:

    It'll be here before you know it!

  • admin said:

    You all were not difficult in the least! We had fun.

  • admin said:

    Favorites of ours as well. :)

  • admin said:

    Thank you Jami! Can't wait to show.