Sarah and Jamie Tallahassee Wedding Photographers

What a beautiful wedding day, other than the almost constant rain leading up to the wedding & the storm clouds throughout the portraits it was a great day! John Gandy wanted to make Goodwood look different than the normal set up everyone is accustomed to at the venue. He chose to move the dance floor to the front & have the buffet table where the dance floor traditionally is. What an awesome set up!!! The cake table was on a beautiful antique dresser, and the food was displayed on different types of tables. It was definitely unique!

John also used an old boxspring next to the guest sign-in table for guests to write a sweet message to the couple. What a hit that was!

Planner/Coordinator/Decorator: John Gandy Events
Please contact John for additional vendor information.

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  • naomi chokr said:

    how adorable is this wedding. i loved how John Gandy moved things around to make it different. I love the 1st dance pictures and the one on the left side of that.

    See you Saturday!

  • Susan Dancy said:

    Loved the pictures. Especially the one where the bride and groom greeted each other with the door between them so that he could not see his bride. But, boy, he knew she was there.

    So, glad for you both.