This is the closest thing we've figured out to a clone. Rebekah stays busy volunteering and helping run her family retail store (The Shoe Box). She is a sewing expert & pinterest project extraordinaire. She also spends her days chasing two kids, multiple animals, and her husband.

Rebekah isn't around for the day to day parts of running Woodland Fields Photography, but she's always up for a wedding day & gets to enjoy all the fun parts.

Catherine grew up on the banks of the Panama Canal, and moved to Tallahassee to go to FSU (it's a family tradition). She comes from a huge family, 5 siblings. Plus, having a father that Is one of 11 kids, she knows how to handle a large crowd.

When not spending time photographing clients (and all the things involved in running a business) Catherine spends her days chasing after two kids, two dogs, and two cats along side Terry, her husband. Her recreation hobby is interior designing, and working on renovation projects at home. Always up for coffee or wine with friends.



Call us your wedding day storyteller. Through the lens our goal is to capture all the emotions, and the day, as it happened, in still moments.

We love the raw emotion of photojournalism, but also feel that some portraits are important to document your story. This is a blend of photography called portrait- journalism. During your portraits we strive to find romantic lighting, incredible backgrounds, and choose locations very carefully; never posing situations that are already magical on their own. We are observers most of the time with very limited intrusion, and only when it is desired to achieve a particular artistic vision. A love of people watching serves us well in this profession! We are truly honored to be considered for the important task of photographing your wedding day. It is such an indescribable feeling to watch two excited people join together. With hundreds of wedding days under our belt we have learned each and every wedding is very unique.