Samara and Evan | Santa Rosa Beach/Destin Wedding Photographer

Samara and Evan were married in a very intimate weekday destination wedding. They were surrounded by their closest friends and family as they exchanged vows. Portraits were very important to this pair so we started the day at Edens Gardens taking engagement type photos. They relaxed in front of the camera and were very comfortable.

During this part of the day I learned a few things about them. They love Whole Foods (as much as my husband does), when I’m in Boston for a wedding I have to drive up to Providence, RI and have lunch with them, Evan had a huge crush on Samara in high school and she had zero interest in him, and Evan is a talented musician.

They didn’t really have a reception since the entire week was their wedding, with a ceremony in the middle of the vacation. They rented a huge house and everyone who was invited stayed together that week. What a beautiful day!