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Your Best Story Yet

Carefully uncovered and artfully told

We might not be able to rewind time and replay our favorite days. But holding a photo that artfully captures the raw emotions and unforgettable moments between you and the people who matter most gets pretty close.

As a photographer, it’s my job to document your story as it unfolds. To patiently learn and understand what makes you and your family special—all of the traditions, dynamics, and hidden stories. And to create a space where you—and your family—feel completely safe to let loose and be wholly, unapologetically real.

Because decades down the road, when you’re telling the story of your love, you won’t cling to the posed, perfectly refined images. You’ll proudly display and pass down the photos that tell a story in an instant. That speak volumes without saying a word. That take you back to that moment as if it were yesterday.



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Turning your greatest love story and happiest moments, into beloved art you’ll cherish for a lifetime

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Hey There — I’m Catherine

the face behind the lens at woodland fields photography

When I became a photographer, it wasn’t the skill itself that hooked me—it was the ability to turn emotions unfolding in front of my camera into tangible pieces of art that bring life to memories past.

On your wedding day, it’s my job to document it in a way that feels real, raw, and authentic. To uncover hidden stories and cleverly capture them. To turn myself into an extension of your family, so that you feel safe and free to simply be. Be present. Be real. Be together.

Trusting that the person you’ve chosen to capture it all won’t miss a thing. And that when you hold your photos in your hands for the first time, they’ll feel like home.